TeamStrange Grand Tours 2024

TeamStrange Grand Tours 2024

April 1 through November 15, 2024


TeamStrange Grand Tours are all about having another excuse to go out and ride your motorcycle to lots of new and unusual places.

2024 is the 40th Anniversary of TeamStrange and we’re offering two Grand Tours for the price of one!

Gran Turismo Grand Tour

The Gran Turismo Grand Tour is in the vein of our recent Grand Tours, but more so. According to Wikipedia, Gran Turismo means Grand Tourer, a type of car “designed for high speed and long-distance driving, due to a combination of performance and luxury attributes,” implying “material differences in performance, speed, comfort, and amenities between elite cars and those of ordinary motorists.”

The Gran Turismo Grand Tour will celebrate Grand Touring by giving you the opportunity to visit motorsports tracks on your motorcycle. There are no classes, no geographic restrictions, no extras, no locales, no requirements other than it’s a motorsports track (as we define it), and you have to document each visit with a photo of a sign at the track identifying the track and including your motorcycle and your rally flag.

To be a finisher of the GTGT, you must visit and successfully document 25 motorsports tracks. The GTGT winner is the rider who successfully documents the most locations.

Rules for the Gran Turismo Grand Tour are here.

40th Anniversary Grand Tour

The 40th Anniversary Grand Tour is a reprise of our 30th Anniversary Grand Tour which was a reprise of our 21st Anniversary Grand Tour. To be a finisher, you must visit cities or towns that spell out TEAM STRANGE AIRHEADS 40 and successfully document your visits. There are easy, medium, and hard versions of the challenge, but you either are or you aren’t a finisher – no scores involved.

Every rider who completes one or more of the 40th Anniversary Grand Tour puzzles is counted as a finisher of the 40AGT.

Rules for the 40th Anniversary Grand Tour are here.


You can do either or both Grand Tours (or neither). You can change your mind about which Grand Tour you’re doing. You can be a finisher of either or both Grand Tours.  You’ll have one flag for both (or either), and finishers will get one pin for both (or either). You can submit the same photos for both (but that probably won’t work out too well).

Your entry includes a Grand Tour flag and sticker. Entry fee is $50 for Solo or Two up. (Solo riders get one finisher pin, Two-up riders get two finisher pins).

GT flags and stickers will be mailed around March 1, and thereafter, upon sign up.

The top finisher of the Grand Turismo Grand Tour (based on total tracks successfully documented) will be declared the “Gran Turismo Grand Tour Gran Campione” (or “Gran Campionessa”) and will receive a commemorative plaque to document this amazing feat. We’re also going to declare Regional Champions in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the Rest of the World, who will also receive (lesser but still nice) commemorative plaques.

All the successful finishers of the Gran Turismo Grand Tour and of the 40th Anniversary Grand Tour will receive finisher pins, be permanently commemorated at the TeamStrange website, and get bragging rights. 

There will be T-shirts which you can order yourself some time after April 15

Registration via RideMaster at

Complete rules at:

Gran Turismo Grand Tour

40th Anniversary Grand Tour

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