Long-Distance Motorcycle Riding

1998 Midwest Fest, First Place

1998 Feast in the East

1999 Midwest Fest, Third Place

1999 Butt Lite 5000, 23rd Place

2000 Midwest Fest, Fifth Place

2000 Butt Lite II, 26th Place

2000 I’ve Been Everywhere Tour

2001 Buckeye 1000, 1st Place Sport/Standard Class

2001 Iron Butt Rally, 60th Place

2001 Presidential Tour

2002 TeamStrange Great Lakes Challenge, Finisher

2002 Buckeye 1000

2003 Iron Butt Rally, 36th Place

2005 Iron Butt Rally, DNF

2007 Minnesota 1000, 27th Place Expert Class

2013 Team Lyle Minnesota Rally

2014 TeamStrange 30th Anniversary Grand Tour

2014 Meat Lovers 1000 Silver

2015 Whispering Giants Tour

2016 Team Lyle Minnesota Rally

Bun Burner 1500
Great Lakes 100
Iron Butt Rally x3
SaddleSore 1000 x2

Co-Rallymaster, Butt Lite 6IX

Co-Rallymaster, Butt Lite 7

Co-Rallymaster, Butt Lite VIII

Co-Rallymaster, Butt Lite IX

Co-Rallymaster, Butt Lite X

Rallymaster, States of Confusion Grand Tour (2019)

Rallymaster, Riding to Hounds Grand Tour (2020)

Rallymaster, Butt Lite Grand Tour (2021)

Rallymaster, Trails to Rails Grand Tour (2022)

Rallymaster, Wheels on Walls Grand Tour (2023)