Wheels on Walls Grand Tour 2023

TeamStrange Grand Tours are all about having another excuse to go out and ride your motorcycle to lots of new and unusual places.

This year’s Grand Tour is based on suggestions from several riders of the Trails to Rails Grand Tour who ran across murals of steam locomotives and said we should so something with that. But to not be repetitive, this year’s goal is: murals depicting wheeled transportation. That includes trains, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, tractors, wagons, airplanes (if they have wheels), buses, unicycles, roller skates . . .  Ride your motorcycle there and get a photo of your motorcycle with the mural.

Finishing will earn you bragging rights and an Official Wheels on Walls Grand Tour finisher pin.

The top finisher (based on point totals) will be declared the “Wheels on Walls Grand Tour Grand Champion” and will receive a commemorative plaque to document this amazing feat.  We’re also going to declare Regional Champions in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the Rest of the World, who will also receive (lesser but still nice) commemorative plaques.

To be a finisher you must accumulate at least 20 points by visiting bonus locations between April 1, 2023, and November 15, 2023, and documenting your visits. There are three categories for points, scored as follows:

Wheeled transportation (“Wheels”) – 2 points

Special locations (“Specials”)– 4 points

Rider’s Choice (“Extras”) – 1 point

And to keep you paying attention, we may add some extra Special locations during the course of the Grand Tour. (Or maybe we won’t).

Your entry includes a Grand Tour flag and one sticker. Entry fee is $50. You may purchase additional stickers for $2.50 each. GT flags and stickers will be mailed around March 15, and thereafter, upon sign up.

You can register as Solo or Two-up. Your choice is not binding, this is basically so we know whether to send one or two finisher pins.

Due to changes in the way PayPal now handles payments, we prefer that you pay by check.

There will be T-shirts available via separate order, with information to come.

Registration via RideMaster at https://rides.jasonjonas.com/regRequest.php?id=884

Complete rules at Wheels on Walls Rules