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Gear, accessories, add-ons and gadgets

Fuel cell on a BMW R1100RT

How to tie down an R1100RT (or R1150RT)

How to start your R1100RT with the sidestand down

Driveshaft failure on a BMW R1100RT (New!)

The Great RAT Run 1998

The Great RAT Run 1999

The Great RAT Run 2000

Bill Clinton screwed me on the 1998 FitE: a trip report

Gear, accessories, add-ons and gadgets (old)

Internet mapping services -- how accurate? (really old)

Links (mostly dead) to roadgeek pages

Iron Butt Rally

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Internet BMW Riders

Iron Butt Association - Long Distance Motorcycle Riding

TeamStrange Airheads (home of ButtLite, Minnesota 1000, and other evils)

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